“It is in collectivities that we find reservoirs of hope and optimism.”

― Angela Y. Davis

Samer Hassan. P2P Models principal investigator.

Samer Hassan

P2P Models Principal Investigator

Complutense University of Madrid, Spain
Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society, Harvard University, USA


Samer Hassan is an activist and researcher, Faculty Associate at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society (Harvard University) and Associate Professor at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain). Focused on decentralized collaboration, he was awarded a 1.5M€ ERC grant for the P2P Models project, to build blockchain-based, democratic and economically sustainable organizations for the collaborative economy. Coming from a multidisciplinary background in Computer Science and Social Sciences, he has 50+ publications in those fields (H-index=19). In the EU-funded P2Pvalue project, he coordinated building decentralized free/open source web-tools for collaborative communities and social movements, such as SwellRT. He’s an accredited grassroots facilitator and has experience in multiple communities and grassroots initiatives.

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